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Keep Yourself Protected Against the Rough Weather in Calgary and surrounding area With Our Wind Wall and Privacy Glass

STAR Aluminum glass railing can provide shelter from cool winds, however, can also provide you with the privacy one wants when you have neighbours in close proximity, or views you do not desire, for one reason or another.

We are flexible with any height of the glass privacy wall up to 6 feet in height and STAR railing comes in a variety of colours to suit your esthetics.

Wind Wall

If you require protection from the wind in your outdoor area, we have a wind wall solution to accommodate the challenge. Heights up 6 feet with clear tempered glass is normally used; however, we also provide multiple options if privacy is also a requirement.

Hot environment

If you have full sun exposure, having a glass rail system tends to block any cool breeze so it restricts airflow, so a picket style may be more suitable, or a combination of both picket and glass.

Where glass may not be ideal is budget

Glass railing costs more than wood or even picket style rails. Although glass costs more initially, the long - term investment pays off as you have yearly maintenance on wood applications.

Protect Yourself from Cold Winds

With our wind wall privacy glass, you can protect yourself from strong winds while maintaining your privacy.

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